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Physical examination vehicle upgrade service

Physical examination vehicle upgrade service

Physical examination vehicle upgrade service

Physical examination vehicle upgrade service

Our company is an X-ray machine manufacturer, with a medical device production license and a vehicle-mounted dedicated machine registration certificate, providing customers with DR upgrade solutions, after-sale services are provided by our company.

product upgrade

 New digital DR car body
Lighter, thinner and more efficient

Slim volume
The new integrated box frame improves the space used in the car. Say goodbye to the crowded medical examination environment and make the medical examination process smoother
Lightweight body
The frame is made of new materials, the vehicle chassis has a smaller load, and enhances the stability of the vehicle
Filming higher school
The upgraded DR digital detector, the image quality of the film is enhanced by 30%, and the resolution is high, so that the doctor's diagnosis is accurate and efficient

Digital see-through display
Humanized design, more accurate diagnosis
Digital Perspective System

Digital Perspective System
Solve the troubles of traditional perspective TV system with heavy structure and unclear image, making traditional perspective digital
More convenient operation
8 chest radiographs can be stored intermittently, which is convenient for doctors to refer to and compare, to make more accurate diagnosis

Secondary energy storage battery

Small size, big capacity

Input voltage 220V

The 50KW high-voltage host combines high-efficiency secondary energy storage, and the film can be used only by connecting to a 220V mobile phone charging power supply to avoid the impact on the medical equipment in the car due to excessive voltage drop of the external power supply. Improve the environmental adaptability of medical examination vehicles

Strong stability

Secondary energy storage ensures consistent film quality and clear imaging

Be good at heart, simple at form

Small size, easy to use, does not occupy too much space in the medical examination car, dedicated car

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